Ice Machines

Melbourne Refrigeration specializes in the installation and servicing of industrial and commercial ice making equipment from light commercial to large-scale, industrial applications.  Wether your business is a fish, poultry, vegetable or chemical processing plant, wholesale/retail food industry or a catering service... we have your business covered. 

Ice Making Equipment Sales

  • Wholesale & Retail sales
  • All brands of ice making equipment
  • Production rates from 200 to 40,000 pounds per day
  • Wide array of ice types
    • Flaked
    • Chipped
    • Cubed
    • Cracked
    • Block
    • Compressed

Our expert service department can perform:

  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Warranty work for all major manufacturers

Call and speak to one of our expert sales and/or service represenatives to day to discuss your ice making needs.